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What's your big audacious goal?

PelotonLabs is a coworking community in Portland, Maine providing space, connections, and resources for remote workers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants who want to grow and contribute to their world through their work.

We have a modern building in Portland, Maine’s West End neighborhood with large open-format spaces on two floors, private offices, meeting rooms, and event space. We offer space for quiet work, meeting with clients, making phone calls, and hosting workshops and networking events. We specialize in creating opportunities to encourage growth and collaboration through events, peer consulting, and a collaborative culture. We also host Startup Weekend, a global event model that brings together entrepreneurs, developers, designers together for fun, fast-paced weekends of idea development, team building, and business launching.

Try a free week at Peloton! 

20130718_151325-sqWho works at Peloton?
Our members include telecommuters, entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, fledgling post-secondary programs, graduate students, and recent immigrants. We have people passionate about marketing, technology, real estate, arts, education, sustainability, local business, and the environment. Some people set up full-time; others just drop in for a few hours to meet a client, focus on a project, or participate peer consulting.

Why join PelotonLabs?
We combine the best elements of a private office, home, and a coffee shop. At PelotonLabs, you can build relationships, meet a client, get help, make a new friend, and not have to own your own printer or get distracted by your laundry. It’s a place to set a goal, collaborate, make a business contact, get inspired, ask a question, offer a solution, make a friend. As a community, we engage one another, support each other’s work, and strive to create change in the greater community and the world. PelotonLabs provides individuals and organizations the social, creative, and collaborative benefits of being in community while having the flexibility and autonomy of working independently.

We currently have openings for new members, and are offering 1 free week to new members.  We also rent space for meetings & events.

Visit us any Tuesday morning from 9am-noon. Contact us to set up a time to visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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